Class Notes: Infographics and Data-Driven Journalism

Infographics Graphics that use digital representations of information, data or knowledge. Infographics can make information more accessible, more enjoyable, easier to understand, can be incredibly viral, have potential to drive traffic and generate… Continue reading

Assignment No. 2: Photo Gallery

Something you may not have been aware of: with sororities and fraternities starting their pledging processes or preparing to do so all over the country, last week was National Hazing Prevention Week. I… Continue reading

Class Notes: Telling Stories with Video

Benefits of Audio Reporting Presence: A reporter can bring readers to the scene. Being there boosts credibility. Emotions: Tone of voice, expressions, pauses… all help to enhance a message. Atmosphere: Natural sound –… Continue reading

Class Notes: Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism Takeaways Plenty of devices and apps to make jobs easier Think mobile first when you’re out in the field Become familiar with as many tools as you can, even if you… Continue reading

Class Notes: Digital Photography

Digital Photography Digital allows as many photos as your memory card can handle, often hundreds Ability to analyze photos immediately Smartphones and laptops Digital Photo Basics Read the manual and understand the machine… Continue reading

Assignment No. 1: Biz Plan

Blog Idea:  Clearing the air on all things Islam: clarify any misconceptions caused by the media and discuss Islam-related news within the US.  Demographic:  Can automatically leave out anyone under the age of about 15,… Continue reading

Class Notes: Blogging and Entrepreneurial Journalism

Blogs vs. Traditional Media Blogs = Opinion; Traditional = Objectivity Blogs = no set style; Traditional = Proper Style Blogs = completely online; Traditional = print/online/TV Blogs = Citizen Journalism; Traditional = trained… Continue reading

Class Notes: Writing for Digital

Key Ingredients to SUCCESSFUL digital journalism: Ability to tell a story Summarizing, quick/succinct pieces Providing context Being thorough and comprehensive Understanding all multimedia elements Engagement and interactivity with users Developing content initiatives that go… Continue reading