[Trending Thursday] ‘Whitney’ biopic set to air this Saturday

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2014 seemed to be the year of biopics and it turns out that 2015 may not be much different. This Saturday, January 17, the new Whitney Houston biopic, appropriately named “Whitney”, is set to air at 8 pm on Lifetime.

The film was directed by well-known actress Angela Bassett and stars Yaya DaCosta as the iconic singer with Arien Escarpeta playing the role of Bobby Brown. Whitney’s vocals are done by Deborah Cox.

Bassett told E! News that she hopes viewers come away from the movie with a deeper understanding about love.

Personally, I’m a little nervous. Lifetime hasn’t has the greatest track record as of late when it comes to their biopics, if the reactions to the Aaliyah movie is any indication. Even after watching the trailer, I’m not sure what to expect or if I even want to bother watching the movie. Whitney Houston is…

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