[Trending Thursday] Glancing back at the Golden Globes: Memorable Moments

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The 2015 award show season is without a doubt in full swing, the most recent being the Golden Globes 4 days ago. Of course we could go through the show and dissect every joke, every acceptance speech, every single moment from when it started to when the hosts wished everyone a good night. However, in the interest of not being here all day, let’s just touch on the more memorable things, shall we?:

  • Before the show even started, some of the final scenes for the Entourage movie were shot right on the red carpet
  • Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made it clear from the very beginning that NO ONE was safe or off limits as they dissed Emma Stone, Bill Cosby, and George Clooney just during their opening monologue.
  • Jeremy Renner quite blatantly appreciated and acknowledged Jennifer Lopez’s “globes” as the two presented the award for Best Mini-Series/Drama
  • Jane The…

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