[Wild Wednesday] Meet Mina Gerges: Celebrity Diva Impersonator Extraordinaire

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Mina Gerges is a media student at Canada’s Western University from London, Ontario that has a pretty unique hobby: He recreates photos of celebrity divas on his Instagram account, and man does he do an amazing job.

And sure, there’s someone out there that has done this before, the fact that he takes the DIY route and keeps things low budget yet STILL looks so fierce makes him 100% worthy of recognition.

“I make everything myself,” Mina told Buzzfeed, “I purchase curtains and hold them with pins, and everything else I put on them I stick with glue.” He says this is a 2 hour process per photo.

To make things even better, Mina isn’t just doing this for laughs or more Instagram followers. His aim is to change the way people view “overexposed celebrities” and highlight how much celebrity photos are photoshopped, which he says promote an unrealistic body image ( I…

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