JRNL 80 In Class Assignment # 2: Descriptive Photo Gallery

There is no doubt that there is an large variety of eating options at Hofstra University; whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to find it. What makes this even more convenient for students is that there are just as many options on the academic side of campus, making in between class snacks and meals a lot easier for the busy student. No need to run across the unispan during a 10 minute break when you have so many options just steps away! Check out the photos below:

Packed in the late morning and early afternoon, Cafe on the Quad is a go to for students’ right before class caffeine needs without much worry for tardiness.

Found within Bits and Bytes Cyber Cafe, U Pick Chopped Salads lets students create their own salad out of a wide variety of ingredients and gives them a healthier option as well.

Mainly only used by students who actually have class within Breslin Hall or when the line at Cafe in the Quad is too long, Breslin Kiosk makes getting caffeinated easy.

Also found within Bits and Bytes Cyber Cafe, BYOB continues and supports the seemingly ongoing theme that students really do have all control regarding their diets and what enters their bodies.

Bringing something that can be found on city streets right here to campus so students can enjoy with close to no effort.

For when you’re on the academic side of campus, hungry for actual food, and craving Italian, this is the place to go!

Yet another popular chain finding its way to Hofstra, the perfect pick me up or cool down option anytime of day!