Trending Tuesdays – VMAs edition!

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2014 VMAs

First things first: ALL HAIL BEYSUS. Whether you are a part of the beehive or not, even if you are the farthest thing from a Beyoncé fan, there is no denying that she went above and beyond and gave us an unforgettable finale. Her performance was literally a mini concert as she incorporated almost every song off her latest album. Everything about the performance was on point: the choreography, the visuals, her vocals, the way she switched from sex goddess to loving mother within a matter of seconds. It was nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from the Queen Bey. Not to mention Blue Ivy dancing along was absolutely adorable and she and Jay Z being the ones to give Bey the Michael Jackson video vanguard award had me on the verge of tears.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ongoing yet somewhat true joke that theme for…

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