Why I Never Judge People By Their Instagrams

This post was written by a close friend of mine and I feel like it takes what may be an unpopular opinion, and puts things into perspective quite nicely. Give it a read!

In Case You Were Wondering

The old adage goes “Never judge a book by its cover.” By 2011, we could have modified it to “Never judge a Facebook Friend by their cover photo.” Today, I venture to say “Never judge a stranger by their Instagram.”

I’ve read several articles lately bashing certain types of Instagram users for a lack of honesty & transparency in their posts to the constantly-growing social media platform. Scrutinized accounts depict various aspects of “the good life” — delicious foods, tropical vacations, or general wealth and luxury — but for every Follower and Like these accounts gain, they seem to also gather a following of “haters” and people who disapprove of the fact that every post is, quite literally, “picture-perfect.” Users that are criticized include Hollywood celebrities, models, and most recently, users who have actually found their fame through Instagram itself [a.k.a. The Insta-Famous]. The Haters claim that through the use…

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