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Over the past few years, Karruche Tran has made it clear that she is not the kiss-and-tell type in regards to on-again off-again relationship with singer Chris Brown. However, in an interview with “Just Keke” talk show host Keke Palmer set to air this Wednesday, Tran opens up on what its been like dating a celebrity for the first time.

Of course the topic of the love triangle between Brown, Rihanna and herself was an unavoidable topic. Tran got emotional as she spoke on how difficult it is dealing with it all considering that her battle is not solely with Rihanna but also with her millions of fans:

“You know the reason why people tuned into this so much was because it’s relatable. I have girlfriends, I have family who’s gone through the same situation. It’s the case of the ex, we all go through it, do you know what…

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