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Who’s at the top of the entertainment food chain, our first real piece of news from Frank Ocean in a while, and a change regarding the Aaliyah biopic all in today’s #TrendingThursdays post! Check it out!

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Forbes 2014 Celebrity 100 went up Monday morning, making it known who’s who in the entertainment world right now.

Claiming the throne and reigning supreme at the No. 1 on the list is none other than Queen B herself, Beyoncé. According to Forbes, between tour, the surprise album, endorsement deals, her line of fragrances and her clothing company, House of Dereon, the singer has made approximately $115 million between June 1, 2013 and June 1, 2014. Her hubby and partner in crime Jay Z got sixth place, his total being at its highest since 2010.

Last year’s No. 1 pick, Oprah Winfrey, fell to No. 4 this year with an estimated $82 million in earnings. Other names that make up the top 5 celebrities, listed in their respective order, are Lebron James,Dr. Dre, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Some names found at the bottom at the list include Kerry Washington,

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