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Through the advancement of technology we have smartphones, google glasses, and watches that do way more than tell time. With every new thing, the question is always, what’s next? What other aspect of life can we combine with technology to further simplify things for ourselves?

Turns out our jewelry continues to be a viable option.

Through Buzzfeed, I discovered something called Ringly. At first glance, these rings may seem like nothing more simple yet stylish ways to add to an outfit. However, they are so much more. Ringly, founded by eBay alum Christina Mercando, is a new cocktail ring that alerts the wearer of messages and notifications from their phone using Bluetooth LE-technology.

According to Mercando, the goal of Ringly being able to put your phone away but still being able to make sure you’re not missing anything important. The way it works is that you…

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