Sigma Gamma Rho Pretty Poodles Make Founder’s Day a Weeklong Celebration

By Yasmin Wamala

The Nu Tau Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated kicked off what is to be a weeklong celebration of the sorority’s founding Monday night at 8:22 pm in Plaza Room Middle with an event titled ‘You Are Not Alone”.

The purpose of the program was to give students a chance to vent about the things they worry and get stressed about and connect with their fellow peers dealing with similar issues. “We decided to do the program because a lot of people go through a number of things on campus,” said Jessica Downing-Brown, President and Treasurer of the Nu Tau Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, “Sometimes you handle things better or accept them more when you don’t feel like you’re the only person in that situation.”

The ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho were quite pleased with the outcome of the first of several events they will be holding this week. A good amount of people, male and female, showed up to the event, the majority stayed the entire time and everyone participated and contributed to the discussion.

The program started off with introductions and an ice breaker to get everyone comfortable with speaking, then went into video, statistics and discussions revolving around three predetermined topics that the ladies figured everyone attending would be able to relate to: body image, school stress and relationship stress.

“The event was very well put together,” said Sydney Colbert, a junior at Hofstra who attended the event, “It was a great way to learn how to deal with stress and other issues of sadness by hearing how other people got through it.”

The ladies have an event planned for every day this week in honor of the 91st anniversary of their sorority’s beginning, which was Tuesday, November 12. Every event, though all on various topics, gives students the opportunity to make their opinions known and share their experiences.

The week will finish off with a pre-anniversary celebration mixer in anticipation of the 20-year anniversary of the sorority’s establishment at Hofstra.