Class Notes: Social Media 101

Using Social Media in Journalism

  • Collaborative Reporting
  • Journalists as Community Managers
  • The Social Beat
  • The Social Network as the New Editor
  • A Social Newsroom and the Personal Brand
  • A Mobile Social Experience


Advantages of Social Media

The advantages of Twitter…

  • It’s real-time nature allows organizations to deliver information to their followers instantly, without relying on newspapers to pick up their stories.
  • The number of loyal consumers following a brand on Twitter rose by six percent from last year.
  • Twitter allows you to find followers interested in your content, instantly creating an interested audience.

The advantages of Facebook…

  • Facebook provides the best one-stop destination for sharing stories, photos and videos.
  • One-third of consumers claim greater loyalty to a brand if they are “fans” of the company.

80% of social network users admit Facebook is the network they employ the most to connect with businesses


Social Media Newsroom Policies

Things for employers to consider, according to …
  • Have a policy in place and refine it periodically, involving staff in the process.
  • Make sure guidelines are clear so that employees know how social media fits into their daily workflow. Does everyone at the organization need to spend a lot of time on social media channels, or are those tasks relegated to a specific group of employees?
  • Allow room for journalists to have an authentic personality on social media. According to one journalist, “Remember that part of the reason you hired these people is their personal brand in the first place.”
  • Have a conversation about social media with employers even before you get the job, particularly if you have developed a following on platforms like Twitter. Find out what future employers expect when it comes to balancing working on the organization accounts and sending updates through your personal accounts while on the clock
  • Have a personality, but don’t be obnoxious. It’s not all about you.
  • Don’t spend all of your time broadcasting. Remember that social media is also about listening.  The more time you spend listening on social media, the stronger your judgment becomes.


  • Long form social media
  • Clear platform for video, audio, text, photos
  • Shorter than a blog, longer than a twitter feed
  • Tagging system allows for good SEO
  • Use Tumblr as a primary account, then link to Twitter and Facebook



  • Still finding the benefit of this
  • Hottest social media tool right now
  • Brings awareness to your product
  • Communicate via repins
  • Be careful of privacy issues with images
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Why is Pinterest addictive?


Google +

  • Helps get your product/work higher in Google search parameters
  • Not as common as Twitter/Facebook, but it’s good to be aware of
  • Difference maker … Google Hangouts
  • Very simple posting platform for all types of multimedia


The Rest…

  • Instagram
  • You Tube
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Storify