Hofstra’s Interfaith Center Makes It Easy to Keep the Faith Alive

By: Yasmin Wamala


Whether you stay close to home or move thousands of miles away, a huge part of college is making wherever you go feel like a home away from home in every way possible. This includes making your living space comfortable, joining extracurricular clubs that capture your interest, and for some, finding ways to keep your faith and your connection with your religion.

On the long list of resources available to Hofstra students is the Interfaith Center, located in room 213 in the Student Center. Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant chaplains can be found there for religious guidance as well as informal, personal and academic counseling.

            “I always encourage students to explore what the Interfaith center has to offer,” says Bridget McCormack, Catholic Minister and one of two Catholic Chaplains, “I feel like a lot of students don’t know that we’re here.”

In addition to each religion’s respective weekly religious services, each office within the Interfaith Center has student groups and is holding events as often as possible, such as dinners, community service projects, discussions and more, which are open to any and all students.

The Muslim Student Association held an Eid dinner three weeks ago, this Sunday Hillel is having a Gaga tournament, which is Israeli dodge ball, and the Newman club is already doing sign ups for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in January.

“These are programs that both Jewish and non-Jewish students take part in,” said Rabbi Dave Siegel, the Executive Director of Hofstra Hillel and an administrator of the Interfaith Center, “some people because they want to deepen their own heritage, but other people because they want to learn about another religion and another culture.”

 Whether you’re dealing with a serious issue, craving knowledge on beliefs different from your own, or just want some friendly conversation, there is always someone at the Interfaith Center willing to listen.