The 6th Annual Hofstra Drag Show

The 6th Annual Hofstra Drag Show

Last Wednesday the Pride Network at Hofstra presented what turned out to be yet another successful drag show that brought the student body together to entertain as well as educate them.

  1. RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Manila Luzon , visited students at Hofstra University last night to teach them about…
  2. The Pride Network, the organization that presents the drag show every year, talking about how the event went once everything was said and done.
  3. Hey @HofstraStudents Be sure to check-out tonight’s Drag Show brought to you by the Pride Network. 8pm SC Theater.
  4. Peter Libman, the Dean of Students at Hofstra, helping to get the word ouut about the event.
  5. The event’s headliner letting everyone know where she was going to be the night of.
  6. The host, Tiah Carrera, and the main event, Manila Luzon during the drag show.
  7. What To Expect From the Drag Show?: Drag show? University? Hofstra? What is this a gay club in NYC? Many stude…
  8. Yet another Hofstra group talking about what to expect and encouraging people to come out prior to the event.
  9. WE’RE BACKKKKK! Catch us in the sc theater tonight at 8 for the drag show! #yasss
  10. An on-campus performance group, Imani Dance Ensemble, that performed at the show.
  11. The host with another one of the wonderful performers from that night.
  12. One of the other Hofstra performance groups that performed that night
  13. Performing at Hofstra university #hofstra #university #gay #instagay #drag #queen #dragqueen #performing #showgirl #show #gayboy #wigs #hair #makeup #outfit #beyonce #Superbowl
  14. A look into what you missed if you weren’t there!

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