Assignment No. 1: Biz Plan

Blog Idea:  Clearing the air on all things Islam: clarify any misconceptions caused by the media and discuss Islam-related news within the US. 

Demographic:  Can automatically leave out anyone under the age of about 15, not because they shouldn’t be informed as well but because at those ages, religion is not one of your top concerns or something you can fully comprehend. Other than that, really for anyone who wants to be more informed.

Coverage: Keep it within the U.S. at least to start if not entirely for the sake of not over complicating things.

Multimedia: Photo, Video and Audio of Muslim get-togethers and meetings, interviews, pre-prayers talks, etc. Also, forums for people to discuss and voice their opinions anything on the blog as well as anything in the news.

Revenue: Running ads on the site most likely. I feel like this particular blog idea isn’t something I can get away with charging for and honestly I wouldn’t want to. My main goal is to inform people, not to make money.

Staffing Situation:  I would be the main voice of the blog but people within the Islamic community could write pieces as well like the Imam at my mosque or people who follow the every detail of the religion versus those who just focus on the main details. Would probably also bring on one or two staff members who are not Muslim to give their view on things and of course, the forums give the community a chance to contribute.

Types of content: 

  • Responses – to news stories, to anti-Islam actions and groups, etc.
  • Learn in person – Section on events and gatherings people can attend, Muslim or not, to learn out in the real world and see things for themselves
  • Setting the scene – a section where one can find all the basics of Islam, like the background info.