So… This is a thing now.

I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! There is a chance that if you’re reading this post, you already knew that but I had to start the post that way for the handful of people… Continue reading

The birth of Achta’s NGO – JRNL 14 Assignment 3

Achta Kabadi, a first year graduate student at Hofstra University, has big plans in terms of how she plans to put her degrees to use. Despite being occupied with classes and work among… Continue reading

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Climbing Mt. Vesuvius

I somehow climbed to the peak of a 1,281 m active volcano – Mount Vesuvius. … Wait, what? That’s correct, I, Yasmin Shamim Wamala, willingly woke up early to be an active human being. And… Continue reading

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

I have been absolutely blessed with the opportunity to spend all of this month in Rome, expanding my skills as a journalist while exploring somewhere completely foreign and therefore new and exciting to… Continue reading

[Trending Tuesday] Frank Ocean Announces Album and More to Come This Summer

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Fans have practically been climbing up the wall, anxiously waiting for Frank Ocean to give word on when they can expect the follow…

[Wild Wednesday] Uptown Funk Like You’ve Never Seen It Before! (video)

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First things first, if you haven’t heard the song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, you have to have been literally living…

JRNL 014 Assignment # 3 – KNGRCHRD Feature Story

Aspiring artist Richard Jones-Muhammad aka KNGRCHRD gives us a look into what lead him to music as well as where he hopes to go with it. Click here to check it out!

Emma Watson Cast As Belle in Disney’s Live-Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’

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It was announced a little over an hour ago that Emma Watson is to star in Disney’s live-action version of Beauty And The Beast as lead character Belle. The film is…

TLC Funding Final Album Through Kickstarter

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90s R&B group TLC is back and enlisting the help of their fans through a Kickstarter campaign to make their final album a reality. TLC, which…

[Trending Thursday] ‘Whitney’ biopic set to air this Saturday

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2014 seemed to be the year of biopics and it turns out that 2015 may not be much different. This Saturday,…