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Lip Smoothies

This week I’m giving what I feel is some well deserved recognition to a product that I personally have fallen in love with, Smoothies by La’China B. The lip smoothies are part of The College Girl™, a brand founded by La’China Barnes after financial issues caused her to leave college and put her aspirations for a medical career on hold. The College Girl™ is more to her than a way to make money; La’China wants to put the money earned towards one day completing her own education as well as helping other young women attend college with a scholarship. She has also recently mentioned a The College Girl™ internship in the works.

With the line, I plan to support beauty, confidence, exploration, education, and style within my generation,” said La’China, “and to pursue a brand that is more than just make…

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swimsuit season

 That’s right ladies, it’s that time of year again: time to start preparing for swimsuit season. It may be freezing outside right now, but before you know it, all the snow will have melted away and it’ll be time to break out the shorts and skirts again. So what are the tips and techniques you should keep in mind to make sure you’re ready for the beach? First and foremost, it’s time to de-hair. The need to wear jeans and long sleeves makes it possible to get away with not shaving for months, but hairy legs and bikinis do not mix. Also, the wintertime is never kind to skin tone, especially those who are fairer in complexion. If that’s a real concern, use sunless tanner to get that kissed by the sun look without causing your skin any harm. Things such as exfoliating in…

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 NYFW 2014Models worked the runway with designers’ look for this spring last week for New York Fashion Week. Of course not everyone can afford designer clothes, but paying attention to what’s hot on the runway can help us find out what we can look forward to in stores we shop at on the regular. A trend that makes it way back every spring and probably will forever more is floral. No surprise there.  Other popular, recurring trends included fringe, crop tops, metallic, pastels, sheer, pleats, ruffles and pants with wide, flowing pants legs. Definitely all things to keep in mind as you start preparing for the warmer weather.



jimmy fallon tonight show


Monday night marked the beginning of Jimmy Fallon’s run as the host of The Tonight Show.  Despite obvious anxiousness and nervousness, the former Late Night host has been highly praised…

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 Golden Globes

Sunday night marked the start of the 2014 awards season with the Golden Globes. So it can be no surprise that this week, I’ve decided to take a look at some of the top fashion and beauty trends among all the hot shots of Hollywood. One recurring trend that caught my eye was the color red. Crimson red dresses and lips to be more specific. 12 Years A Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o stood out particularly while wearing a gorgeous Ralph Lauren red cape dress with deep red lips, beautifully complimenting her skin tone. Also, it seemed that short and sweet hairstyles were favored as a large number of celebrities were seen sporting bobs and pixie cuts alike. Some even found a way to rock the style without permanently committing to it, such as singer Taylor Swift who tucked her long locks under to create a faux…

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Super excited to be a part of Tha L Spot team! Check out my first post with them and get in the know on this week’s trending topics!

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Winter Beauty Secrets

Things the winter season brings about that I could do without: Chapped lips, dry skin, itchy scalp, and brittle nails. And I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. So what’s the key to making these pesky annual problems less of an issue? MOISTURIZING. Licking your lips only makes them drier so be sure to always have some quality lip balm on your person. Those containing SPF are especially good. Stick to oil-based lotions and creams for your wintertime skin care and drink lots of water to moisturize your skin from within. Also, as hard as it may seem, shower with lukewarm water as opposed to piping hot, which strips your body of its natural oils. All it takes to keep your scalp happy and flake-free is basic at-home deep conditioning and the constant application of cuticle oil can keep your…

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JRNL 10 Final Project: Online News Package

Students Struggle to Give Their Brains and Bodies the Proper Fuel to Succeed

By Yasmin Wamala

For many, making the transition from high school to college is a major step in the shift from childhood to adulthood, and a rather difficult one at that. Between adjusting to a new environment, making new friends, occasionally feeling homesick learning to balance school with other commitments and more, it is often too easy for students to forget to take care of themselves. Things such as getting a proper, balanced diet are suddenly put on the back burner, which is ultimately more hurtful than helpful.

“While I was living at home I had a set lunch and dinner time in high school so I was forced to eat multiple times a day without thinking about it,” said junior Sydney Colbert, “Being on my own at Hofstra, I am now forced to remind myself to eat and with how busy I am between school work and extracurriculars, it’s usually easier and quicker to take the not so healthy route.”

Sophomore Medea Giordano on the other hand seems to be the exact opposite, finding time to eat the several times a day despite still not having found the perfect balance between her school work, the multiple clubs she partakes in and her social life. Also, unlike Colbert, Giordano’s eating habits have pretty much always been the way they are now. The common ground between the two however is that neither one of their eating habits are very good ones.

“I eat like a seven-year old boy,” said Giordano, not only referring to how often she eats but also the fact that like Colbert, the majority of the time, her first instinct is to pick up something fried or sugary to eat.

Colbert and Giordano are just two out of numerous Hofstra students who don’t necessarily always make the best decisions when it comes to what they eat. The question that arises is, is there more to this dilemma than students simply not being able to break old habits or making the decision to eat unhealthy? How available are healthier eating options on Hofstra’s campus?

“Eating healthy on campus isn’t impossible but it definitely isn’t all that easy either,” said senior Jessica Downing-Brown,  “The more healthy food options are fewer and typically more expensive.”

There are currently a total of 20 on-campus dining options at Hofstra. Out of all the locations on the list on Hofstra’s website, taking into account that some locations offer both healthy and more fast food oriented options, the amount of not as healthy options still overpower the number of more wholesome options.

“At the end of the day everyone is capable of making the decision of whether or not they want to put in an effort to eat better or not,” said senior Joelle Oliver. “It’s important that we do whatever we can to be at our best so we can do out best and the condition you keep yourself in is a huge part of that.”

Students with any feedback or suggestions are encouraged to visit the “Eating at Hofstra” Facebook page and make their thoughts known.


Click here to see photos of the dining  options provided at Hofstra University - more information on these dining options can be found here

Click here to hear Hofstra students speak from personal experience  give their opinion on the issue

Class Notes: Jobs, Resumes, Self-Marketing

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

  • Before jobs come internships and before internships comes on-campus experience; school paper, school websites, school magazine, school radio station, school TV. Get my drift?
  • Many internships look for some previous experience. If you submit a resume with nothing compared to your competitor who has done all of the above … he or she wins.
  • How do I get started? Knock on the door, say hello and be open to new things. Send an email. Make a phone call. Network. Do it all. Now is the time


Think Outside-the-Box

  • Freelance for outside publications or radio stations … you don’t need a previous internship, you need some clips (on-campus) or something substantial to show you can perform the task.
  • Treat your classmates and peers as competitors … always try to be better off in your career and your experience then others you know. Always try to be the hardest worker you know.
  • What can you do, that others haven’t? What will someone say wow about?
  • Network at functions, meetings, cold call people, ask power position individuals for advice.



  • I’m nervous, I never wrote or did anything like this before. So what! That’s what college is for … test it out, see if you like it.
  • How much is enough? Do I get involved with everything? It depends on your major and career goals. Everyone is different. Assess your goals and do what you think is necessary. Talk to a professor/advisor.
  • I work, I commute, I take a full course load, how am I supposed to do more? Sacrifice is an important characteristic. Understand that need to work hard now to reap the benefits of landing a job later. Remember that there is always someone out there working harder.

Landing the Internship

  • Prepare: Update your resume, edit your resume, let someone look it over, put it on plain white paper, do not be fancy. Write a cover letter specific to that internship, be to the point, not longwinded and overly creative.
  • Target: Where do you want to apply? Proximity … to your home or your campus housing, where you  live. But if you want to move, then open the search wider.
  • None of them are guaranteed, so don’t take chances by applying to only a few.
  • Apply: Four-month lead time … don’t wait until May for a summer internship. The beginning of the semester is a good rule of thumb.
  • Interview: If you get called in, that’s a good thing. You need to look presentable, speak clearly, do not show any signs of nervousness and come prepared with understanding the company you might intern at shortly.

Journalism Internship FAQ

  • Credit for this info
  • “The best internships are paid.” … Not true. Some of the best internships are with media outlets that attract many applicants but don’t offer compensation. But these opportunities can be the gateway to jobs because “experience” itself is prized by employers.
  • “It’s better to intern for a big name media company than a small one.” … Employers look for the most qualified candidates to fill job openings. You might get to do a lot more substantive work for a small newspaper than a large national paper. Prospective employers are more likely to be impressed by the responsibilities you had than the name of the company you interned for.
  • “I’m graduating this spring, so I should be looking for a job, not an internship.” … Of course you should be looking for a full-time job. But consider doing an internship as a back-up plan. With the current state of the media and the economy, good entry-level positions might be difficult to come by. An internship certainly beats unemployment. And sometimes media companies hire interns who do a good job.

Internships done, graduation done, now what?

  • Time to get a job … apply for everything and anything. With this job market, there are no guarantees.
  • Use your connections and networks from four years of college.
  • See if the place you interned at is hiring.
  • How many jobs should I apply for? As much as it takes. 250-300 is not too much by the way.

Sigma Gamma Rho Pretty Poodles Make Founder’s Day a Weeklong Celebration

By Yasmin Wamala

The Nu Tau Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated kicked off what is to be a weeklong celebration of the sorority’s founding Monday night at 8:22 pm in Plaza Room Middle with an event titled ‘You Are Not Alone”.

The purpose of the program was to give students a chance to vent about the things they worry and get stressed about and connect with their fellow peers dealing with similar issues. “We decided to do the program because a lot of people go through a number of things on campus,” said Jessica Downing-Brown, President and Treasurer of the Nu Tau Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, “Sometimes you handle things better or accept them more when you don’t feel like you’re the only person in that situation.”

The ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho were quite pleased with the outcome of the first of several events they will be holding this week. A good amount of people, male and female, showed up to the event, the majority stayed the entire time and everyone participated and contributed to the discussion.

The program started off with introductions and an ice breaker to get everyone comfortable with speaking, then went into video, statistics and discussions revolving around three predetermined topics that the ladies figured everyone attending would be able to relate to: body image, school stress and relationship stress.

“The event was very well put together,” said Sydney Colbert, a junior at Hofstra who attended the event, “It was a great way to learn how to deal with stress and other issues of sadness by hearing how other people got through it.”

The ladies have an event planned for every day this week in honor of the 91st anniversary of their sorority’s beginning, which was Tuesday, November 12. Every event, though all on various topics, gives students the opportunity to make their opinions known and share their experiences.

The week will finish off with a pre-anniversary celebration mixer in anticipation of the 20-year anniversary of the sorority’s establishment at Hofstra.

Class Notes: Social Media 101

Using Social Media in Journalism

  • Collaborative Reporting
  • Journalists as Community Managers
  • The Social Beat
  • The Social Network as the New Editor
  • A Social Newsroom and the Personal Brand
  • A Mobile Social Experience


Advantages of Social Media

The advantages of Twitter…

  • It’s real-time nature allows organizations to deliver information to their followers instantly, without relying on newspapers to pick up their stories.
  • The number of loyal consumers following a brand on Twitter rose by six percent from last year.
  • Twitter allows you to find followers interested in your content, instantly creating an interested audience.

The advantages of Facebook…

  • Facebook provides the best one-stop destination for sharing stories, photos and videos.
  • One-third of consumers claim greater loyalty to a brand if they are “fans” of the company.

80% of social network users admit Facebook is the network they employ the most to connect with businesses


Social Media Newsroom Policies

Things for employers to consider, according to …
  • Have a policy in place and refine it periodically, involving staff in the process.
  • Make sure guidelines are clear so that employees know how social media fits into their daily workflow. Does everyone at the organization need to spend a lot of time on social media channels, or are those tasks relegated to a specific group of employees?
  • Allow room for journalists to have an authentic personality on social media. According to one journalist, “Remember that part of the reason you hired these people is their personal brand in the first place.”
  • Have a conversation about social media with employers even before you get the job, particularly if you have developed a following on platforms like Twitter. Find out what future employers expect when it comes to balancing working on the organization accounts and sending updates through your personal accounts while on the clock
  • Have a personality, but don’t be obnoxious. It’s not all about you.
  • Don’t spend all of your time broadcasting. Remember that social media is also about listening.  The more time you spend listening on social media, the stronger your judgment becomes.


  • Long form social media
  • Clear platform for video, audio, text, photos
  • Shorter than a blog, longer than a twitter feed
  • Tagging system allows for good SEO
  • Use Tumblr as a primary account, then link to Twitter and Facebook



  • Still finding the benefit of this
  • Hottest social media tool right now
  • Brings awareness to your product
  • Communicate via repins
  • Be careful of privacy issues with images
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Why is Pinterest addictive?


Google +

  • Helps get your product/work higher in Google search parameters
  • Not as common as Twitter/Facebook, but it’s good to be aware of
  • Difference maker … Google Hangouts
  • Very simple posting platform for all types of multimedia


The Rest…

  • Instagram
  • You Tube
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Storify